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Equity Team

The investment & research teams works collaboratively to identify opportunities across asset classes. Utilizing seasoned judgment and proprietary analytical and risk management tools, the teams seek to build and manage optimal portfolios that maximize net-of-fee, risk-adjusted returns.

Wang Hua, CFA CICPA Non-Practicing

Dequty General Manager

CIO, Equity investment

18 years experience

+86 (10)5816 2958


Wang Hua joined Yinhua in 2000. He is the Assistant General Manager of the company and Head of Equity Investment. In this capacity, he also serves as portfolio manager of segregated accounts and social security fund.
Equity Investment Team

Yinhua’s investment decision making process is built on the principle that the portfolio managers should follow the guidance of and be held accountable for the investment decision committee. Our equities team, which contains over 40 investment professionals including 19 fund managers, follows our rigorous and time-tested investment philosophy and explore the value of companies by intensive research.

Our equity team identifies opportunities through in-depth analysis of companies, industries, markets and the economy, delivering steady and sustainable investment returns to our clients.

As of Sep 30, 2019, the equity team manages 46 mutual funds, 22 segregated accounts and 4 social security fund and pension portfolios with an AUM near ¥86.30 billion. Since inception, our equity team has been honored with Golden Bull Awards for 19 times.

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