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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that investment returns come from the growth of company value. To share the real value creation of a company is a better source of long-term, sustainable returns than shifts in market popularity. Therefore, we seek to capture company’s value creation in the process of its development through in-depth, deliberate research in order to generate solid outperformance for our clients over the medium to long term.

Intensive fundamental analysis secures the success of our investment. We believe that consistently excellent performance can only be achieved through superior knowledge of companies and their securities, not through placing bets on prices’ moving up or down. Therefore, common to all our investment strategies is our emphasis on understanding the companies we invest in. Based on our thorough, company-specific research, we can form an accurate picture of the companies’ fundamental value and can assess whether the price of the company in the market offers an attractive margin of safety, which we rely on to make responsible investment decisions.

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